Update Released

Update Released

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Blocksworld players, we have some exciting news for you! A new update is now available for the game, and it brings significant changes and improvements to your favorite block-building universe. In this article, we will provide detailed descriptions of gameplay changes, fixes, and new features in this latest update. So, let's dive into the patch notes and see what's new in the Blocksworld game!

Gameplay Changes

  1. New Physics Engine: The physics engine has been upgraded to provide a more realistic and smooth gameplay experience. Blocks now behave more accurately according to their weight and dimensions.
  2. Improved Touch Controls: We've reworked the touch controls for a better building experience on mobile devices. You'll find it much easier to place blocks with precision and navigate through various options.
  3. Enhanced Camera Controls: The camera controls have been revamped for better navigation around your creations. You can now easily zoom in/out, pan, and rotate your view with a smoother motion.
  4. Increased World Size: The world size has been increased by 50%, allowing you to create even larger and more elaborate structures.
  5. Updated Block Types: Several block types have undergone balancing changes to encourage more diverse building strategies:
    - Metal Blocks: These blocks are now heavier but stronger.
    - Wood Blocks: Wood blocks are lighter but weaker.
    - Glass Blocks: Glass blocks are fragile but provide better visibility when used as windows or other transparent structures.
  6. Resource Management System: A new resource management system has been introduced that requires you to gather resources before constructing certain blocks or items.